Brake disc price for TOYOTA/KIA/HYUNDAI

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Price of brake disc

Many users want to know the price of brake discs, as a professional brake disc manufacturer, we welcome free consultation about brake discs.

Brake Disc Manufacturer
Brake Disc Manufacturer

Price of brake discs

We list some brake disc prices for Japanese cars as well as Korean cars for your reference. These brake discs are the more common brake disc models. You can compare them for reference.

Of course, the prices of these brake discs are FOB QINGDAO CHINA prices, which are wholesale prices, and there will be some differences compared to the retail prices in the market.

Price of brake disc

Composition of brake disc retail price

The retail price of brake discs also needs to add the shipping cost, road freight and wholesaler’s profit as well as the labor cost of retail stores and auto repair stores.
These prices are for reference only, but for wholesalers and importers of brake discs, they can get a lot of information from these prices.

Need to know the brake disc market?

We have over 2,500 brake disc models to fit over 95% of the vehicles on the market. If you need more information about brake disc price, please contact us, follow us and we will share the latest brake disc market price with you for free.

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