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All employees of the company:
New Year’s Day holiday is approaching in 2021. First of all, I would like to extend festive greetings to all the staff. In order to have a happy, peaceful and peaceful holiday, I would like to remind all staff to pay attention to the following points:
First, all departments should organize a safety inspection before the festival and conduct a comprehensive safety self-inspection so as to put an end to all hidden safety dangers.
Including: lock doors and windows in unoccupied rooms, cut off power for unused equipment; arrange special personnel on duty for continuous use of equipment to ensure safe use; take good care of important items and pay attention to fire prevention and theft prevention.
Second, conduct a safety education for the personnel on duty at a meeting, educate the personnel on duty to abide by the company system, and improve safety awareness.
3. Before the festival, all departments should strengthen the management of the articles in the warehouse and strictly implement the regulations on the management of the goods in and out of the warehouse.
Fourth, do a good job in vehicle safety management, and strictly examine and approve the use of vehicles for festivals.
Drivers should obey traffic rules and pay attention to driving safety.
Drunken driving, fatigue driving, speeding and overloading are strictly prohibited.
5. All employees New Year’s Day must keep their mobile phones on during the period, and those who go to other places must turn on roaming in order to keep in touch; employees who go home to visit relatives should pay attention to the safety of the way and buy return tickets in time to prevent delays in going to work after the holiday due to tight tickets.
6. During the period of New Year’s Day, everyone should pay attention to safety.
7. The schedule of New Year’s Day’s holiday in 2021:
January 1, 2021-January 3, 2021 will be a holiday for three days, and work will be normal on Monday, January 4.
I wish all the staff: happy holidays and good health!

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