How often do the brakes be replaced?

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How often do the brakes be replaced

Maybe you can understand it after reading it.
The brake disc is an important configuration in the car, which is directly related to the brake system, so car owners need to replace the brake disc on time to ensure the flexibility of the brake system.
But usually few people know how often the brakes are replaced.
So how often do the brakes need to be replaced?
Mechanic: you can judge from these places.
Maybe I can understand it after reading it.
The brake disc is different from other parts of the car, there is an accurate replacement time, there is no exact replacement time, in fact, the time to replace the brake disc is mainly judged from the frequency of the car and the personal habits of the owner, and one or two can also be judged according to the quality of the car itself.
For example, if car owners use the brakes more frequently, or they are often used to slamming on the brakes, then when the car travels 50,000 to 60,000 kilometers, the brakes should be updated.
Well, when the owner of the car has a good habit of using the brakes and does not slam on the brakes very hard, then the mileage of the brake disc may be extended by half, and some car owners have good driving habits, and the brake disc can even be used until the car is driving at a speed of 100000 kilometers.
There is a problem with the replacement mileage and the material of the brake disc.
Under the condition that the quality of the brake pads and the brake discs are average, the brake pads should be replaced when driving 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers, and at the same time, the brake pads should also be changed when driving 70,000 to 80,000 kilometers.
Of course, good quality brake pads and brake discs can be used for a longer period of time.
There is another point worth paying attention to the brake disc needs to be replaced every time the brake pads are changed twice.
This is a routine operation and a basis for judging the replacement time of the brake disc.
If you read the article, the mileage change is recommended to the first-come, after all, the brake this thing related to driving safety, it is best not to use the limit to change.

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