How to deal with the rust of the brake disc? What if the brake disc rusts?

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How to deal with the rust of the brake disc

How to deal with the rust of the brake disc?
What kind of problems will inevitably occur after buying a car for a period of time? netizens often ask questions in the background, the brake disc is rusty, will the brakes not work?
Isn’t it time to change?
But the problem is that the car is not very old, is it a quality problem?
In fact, we often encounter the problem of brake disc rust, but will it certainly affect the brake, or it must be a quality problem?
Not necessarily, the car has only been used for a few years, why do the brakes rust?
What are we going to do with it?
What if the brake disc is rusty?
Many people do not know why the brake discs are rusty. I am worried that the braking performance will decline. In fact, most of the brakes of household cars are made of cast iron, unlike the anti-rust treatment on the surface of the car body. Long-term exposure to the outside, the working environment is not good, especially if you park for a long time, the surface is easy to rust. This situation can also be seen in the new car parking lot of the 4S store. These are new cars.
This will happen if you park outdoors for a long time.
Ordinary brake disc rust is a normal phenomenon, the quality is not necessarily related, but it has an impact on the brake system.
If there is only a slight rust, the rust can be removed by continuous braking while driving. The disc brake brakes through the clamping of the brake and the friction between the brakes, and the rust can be polished multiple times. Of course, using this method in a safe zone, this is a slightly rusty “polishing” method.
If the rust is serious, the above method is not applicable, and obvious shaking of the brake pedal and steering wheel will be found when braking. In this case, it must be specially dealt with. In this case, look for a repair factory to remove the brake plate and polish it. Clean the rust.
Of course, if the rust is serious, the repair factory will not be able to start, so the owner who is often placed must repair the brake disc every two months and drive at any time in order to prevent the brake disc from being corroded seriously.
Apart from rust, what else does the brake system need to pay attention to?
We must pay attention to the situation outside the brake system, one is the thickness of the brake, the thinnest exchange limit of the brake plate is about two or three millimeters, and this limit must be reached. If the brake of many models is too thin, it will prompt the position of the brake alarm light of the instrument, which is more convenient. Do not worry about the car that does not have the brake. Please pay attention to the thinnest position of the brake.
If it is a drum brake, gently step on the brake while confirming the sound of “iron rubbing”, or check that the position of the handbrake becomes higher, and the brake pads must be replaced immediately.
Brake disc rust in addition to brake system inspection, there is another thing to pay attention to is brake fluid, high-quality brake fluid is the basis of safety and good condition of brake system, in order to replace brake fluid regularly, all brake fluid released by the system is discarded and cannot be reused. Better quality brake fluid should be bought on the market. If brake fluid gets dirty, the whole system will circulate and fill the main cylinder with new liquid.
If you are always out of brake oil for a long time and you are always adding it, it is obvious that there is something wrong with your brake system. You should check it.

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