TOP 20 OEM Brake Disc Manufacturers

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  • Centric rotor
  • Brembo Brake Disc
  • EBC Rotor
  • Galfer Rotor
  • Bosch Rotor
  • Akebono Rotor
  • WAGNER Brake Rotor
  • Wilwood Rotor
  • ATE brake disc
  • Nakamoto rotor
  • ACDelco rotor
  • ZIMMERMANN brake disc
  • Ferodo brake disc
  • Continental disc
  • TRW Rotor
  • SURFACE Disc
  • JURID brake discs
  • Winhere rotor
  • REMSA brake disc

Numerous brake disc brands choose Chinese brake disc manufacturers for OEM production of their products, and they vote with their money to prove the quality of Chinese brake discs.
If you need brake discs, choose our brake discs, even if you can’t reach the profit of these brand names, you will still have a good profit, and the quality is as good as these brand names. Because we are also standardized production, we have produced brake discs for many OEM brands.

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