What is the quality of brake discs made in China?

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brake disc made in china

Are the brake discs made in China of good quality?

First of all, the brake discs and pads produced in China nowadays are very good in terms of technology, material, quality, and performance characteristics. Most of the international brake disc brands will have brake discs that are OEM produced by Chinese brake disc manufacturers. China’s brake disc independent famous international brand is less, mainly for Europe and the United States and Japan and other well-known brake disc company OEM production. Therefore, in general, Chinese brand brake discs are rarely seen in the market. Most of the brands you are familiar with, except for the extremely expensive high-end brake disc brands, have OEM suppliers in China. These well-known brake disc brand companies are not stupid, they have voted for the quality of Chinese brake discs with their money. I think this choice of theirs is more convincing than other unfounded doubts.


Why do these well-known brands of brake discs choose Chinese brake disc manufacturers?

  1. Centric rotor, Brembo Brake Disc, EBC Rotor, Galfer Rotor, Bosch Rotor, WAGNER Brake Rotor, Wilwood Rotor, ATE brake disc, Nakamoto rotor, ACDelco rotor, all of these brake disc suppliers choose to OEM in China, why do they choose Chinese brake disc manufacturers to OEM their production?
  2. Ten years ago, because China’s labor cost is low, land cost is low, and the requirements for environmental protection are not particularly stringent, so when they have to spend more than $20 to produce the brake discs, they thought, why not spend $10 to have the Chinese brake disc manufacturer produce the discs for them? The quality and their own production are the same, because Chinese companies have the same manufacturing equipment, more diligent and disciplined Chinese industrial workers, as long as the production process is right, the quality of the brake discs produced in China is guaranteed, the price is cheaper.
  3. Now, when China’s labor cost, land cost, and environmental protection cost are all increasing, why do they still choose Chinese brake discs? Because now China’s brake disc industry has formed a scale advantage, many factories have realized automated robot production, and there is a professional division of labor in all aspects of brake disc production. You can imagine why Japan has high labor costs and high land costs, but why their auto industry is very competitive? The same conclusion, because of the industrial scale efficiency, because of the fine division of labor, because of the specialized production with professional workers as well as planners.
Why choose Chinese brake disc manufacturers?

How to choose a good quality brake disc?

If the manufacturer has its own brand, as long as the brand has less negative news, the quality of the brake disc will not be poor. These brands have high requirements for brake disc OEM OEM manufacturers, and the quality is guaranteed, thanks to standardized production, the professional division of labor, and strict quality management, the quality of Chinese brake discs are very high. Of course, these aside, there is a direct relationship between good quality and your budget. You can’t expect the quality of a $10/Pcs brake disc to be the same as a $100/Pcs brake disc.

How to choose a brake disc manufacturer in China?

Basically, you can understand that in China, more than 90% of brake disc manufacturers are in Shandong Province, China, and a large percentage of the world’s brake discs are also made in Shandong Province, China, thanks to the economies of scale of the industrial cluster trip, plus the long experience of brake disc production in this region, as long as the brake discs are produced here, the quality is generally not a problem. Also, it is worth noting that producers that are too small in scale are not trustworthy. You need to use reasonable prices and look for professional producers, and if you ask for extremely cheap prices, then there will be quality discounts.

Brake disc, brake rotors made in China
Brake disc, brake rotors made in China

What is the best advice for the business of brake discs?

Our advice is to learn from those famous brake disc brands and find a trusted Chinese brake disc manufacturer to OEM your own brand. Given that local Chinese brands do not have a global promotion brand period now, establish your own brand and share the profits in the market to achieve a win-win situation. The profits of the international famous brands we know are very high, if you are interested, please contact us, we believe that a win-win situation will be achieved.

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