Which brake disc is more popular?

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Racing brake rotors Geomet treatment

There are typically 3 types of brake disc popular.

Vented discs- These are 2 discs sandwiched together with fins linking them. These appear as holes between the 2 braking surfaces. Their goal is to allow for a thicker disc while keeping weight down and increasing the surface area for cooling. These are found typically on the front axle of most modern cars.

Cross drilled – Some discs have holes drilled into the braking surface, that are then countersunk. Most often found on performance cars. Braking generates lots of heat. Similar to vented discs. These holes allow for greater airflow through the disc to aid cooling, while reducing weight.

Slots or grooved discs – While these are would normally have vents and holes. These have another benefit overcooling. The high temps on things like track cars can glaze the pad faces. As high performance is more desirable than longevity on such cars. The grooves help shave the face of the pads, refreshing the braking surface.

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