Why there holes in the disc brake?

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Brake Rotors Coated OE-A1664210912-MERCEDES-BENZ (3)

Disc brakes are breaking mechanism whose purpose is to slow down or stop the vehicle. To do this, various components within the brake system must convert the vehicle’s kinetic (moving) energy into heat. This is done by using friction. Hence, when brakes are applied, a lot of heat is generated. Disc brakes rotors have holes drilled in them for two main reasons:

Standerd brake rotors

Drilled Brake Rotors

1, Cooling effect and more efficient braking- Having drilled holes on a brake rotor make it easy for heat, gas, and water to be quickly moved away from the rotor surface, keeping the brake performance strong.
2, Weight reduction- Drilled brake rotors have lower weight compared to solid brake rotors.

So some discs have holes drilled into the braking surface, which are then countersunk. Most often found on performance cars. Braking generates lots of heat. Similar to vented discs. These holes allow for greater airflow through the disc to aid cooling, while reducing weight.

However, there is another side of the coin which should not be neglected. The biggest downside of using drilled rotors on your vehicle is that all of those holes tend to weaken the rotors which makes them more prone to crack due to high stress and repeated use. Therefore, they should be designed carefully and efficiently, which increases the costs.

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